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Big Brother 2 2001



Chat Transcript
Questions for Will
September 9, 2001

kelbrown: How do you keep your spirits up in the house?
Will: It's difficult actually. I think I just try to keep my general attitude in life which is to just have a good time.

Falcon: With the exception of Shannon, which houseguest would you like to see come back in the house?
Will: I don't think it's any secret that Mike "Boogie" was one of the coolest guys I ever met. I consider him a great friend. I suspect that we will see each other when this is all over. I hold him very dear to my heart. He's a great guy.

Babyface: Will, are you returning to your practice right away?
Will: I'm not, actually. I am considering a move to L.A. I'd like to do some acting, do some entertaining. I think I have a lot to offer the entertainment industry.

liberatewrinklymice: Will, sometimes your conversations in the house sound like dialogue from a Quentin Tarentino movie...have you ever noticed this?
Will: No, I've never noticed that. I do take your statement as a compliment however, and I appreciate your attentiveness.

Timmy: Will, what do you say to those that call you a mean, lying bastard?
Will: Well, usually I say "Good Morning" to Monica and Nicole. No, just kidding. Listen, there are a lot of things said in this house that I hope will pass. I came in this house saying that I was going to do deceitful things, that I would lie. I haven't been a hypocrit. If I'm in here another week or two, anyone who's here should be prepared to suffer the consequences.

GoDrEvil: Will, when are you going to change your name from Dr. Evil to Dr. Feelgood?
Will: I'm ready now. Best question of the day so far.

WillHater: Will, do you have a soul?!?!?!
Will: That's debatable. On the outside, I have flesh and skin, but on the inside it's just metal and circuitry. Seriously, however, every day in this house I feel a little more human and I'm just reminded of the evils that I've committed against the evicted houseguests. I do feel somewhat remoresful and at this point I'm just thankful and happy to be here.

DocHollywood: What is the first thing you will do when you get out of the house and are alone for the first time?
Will: I think we take for granted the creature comforts that we have in the outside world. I'm looking forward to just quietly reading a book.

Falling: Who do you regret voting out?
Will: Keep in mind I've cast very few votes because I've been nominated so often. I do think some people didn't get a fair shake in the beginning, like Autumn and Sheryl. Additionally Kent and Bunky, because of their association with Nicole and Hardy were let go sooner than I expected. But, to answer your question, I wish Boogie and Shannon were here. It's not that I miss Hardy.

SexyWill: When you get older, and have grandkids, what will you tell them about your experience in the BB house?
Will: For me this has been an amazing way to spend the summer. I've tried to have a lot of fun and I've met some amazing people.

KayK and isonica: What kind of doctor are you and are you worried that patients may have a hard time taking you seriously the way you've protrayed yourself on the show?
Will: I just completed my year of general internship which followed my graduation from medical school in May of 2000. Needless to say, I was a resident physician and was considering continuing my education in the field of therapeutic radiation oncology. At this time I actually plan a career change and hope to enter the entertainment industry. Lastly, don't let my actions on this show fool you. I take medicine and my professional career very seriously.

mtvo an nicole4me: What do you have against body hair, and if you let your body hair grow, who would be hairier--you or bunky?
Will: Listen, Bunky's the hairiest dude I've ever ever heard of. If I let my body hair grow from now until the end of time Bunky would easily have me beat. And on a personal note, I just don't like body hair. Some people don't eat brussel sprouts and I shave my body! As far as Bunky's concerned though, he's a great guy and he wears the hair well.

Wills-the-man: Did the Bunkster ever make you feel uncomfortable with his sexuality?
Will: No, not at all. to me sexuality is a personal preference and although Bunky and I differ on our sexual orientation, he never overstepped any boundaries and I feel completely comfortable with him in any setting. In fact, I call him a good friend of mine.

Flower-child: How did you put up with Nicole and her complaining?
Will: How did I put up with it? I'm barely putting up with it! I think the most surprising thing to me is that she continues to complain. I'm just so happy to be here. I feel so fortunate. There are so many houseguests who deserve to be here still and she just doesn't seem to appreviate what she has. If you're not a happy person on the outside, you're not gonna be a happy person in the Big Brother house.

Pumplinhead and CoolWriter: hey Will! I was wondering, are you worried that Shannon has gone back to her old boyfriend or were you only using her for the strategic purposes of the game? Also, do you expect Shannon's ex to be waiting for you when you get out?
Will: One, I'm very worried about Shannon. When you care for someone as much as I care for her, you can't help but worry. Two, the rumor that Kent perpetrated that I was using her for the same is absolutely ludicrous. Shannon means more to me than most people realize and I think everyone as well as her will see that when I leave here. As far as Shannon's ex waiting for me on the outside: If it happens, it happens. I'm sure he not the only guy who wants to beat me up. And, on a final note, keep a close eye on the finals of this show because I might have a big surprise for everyone that involves Shannon at the end.

Im4Will: Will, did you really throw the HoH competitions, or are you just trying to sound like everything is a plan?
Will: A little of both. At this point I think I might as well admit that I have thrown a lot of competitions, not just HOH. In this house it's very clear to see a pattern regarding the HoH competitions. If you do well in one, or even win one, the clock starts ticking and you're soon to leave. Losing competitions, however, allows you to be very quiet and then no one suspects you are a force in the house. Needless to say, I don't really like the attention that winning competitions or gifts or even America's Choice attracts.

SnuggleMuffin619: Why don't you change your shorts more often?
Will: I went 68 days without washing my shorts. I don't want my string of luck to change, so for now I'm going to continue not changing them. No one's more surprised that I'm still here than I am and I can't find any reason to think that I'm still here other than luck that those shorts brought me. I've also heard and received a banner from and I don't want to let those guys down considering all the effort they've put forth. Additionally, I just don't pack that much. And lastly, who are we kidding, they're really cool shorts!

Megan17: I really appreciate your honesty, but do you normally lie this much when you are at home?
Will: Well, in my house I don't have eleven people trying to kick me out. I think it's important to remember that I live in this house with the sole purpose of surviving. Lying is just one tactic that has happened to work for me so far. It's not like I "keep it real", and I really am not very good at cooking or cleaning, so I have no choice but to lie.

winky: Are you jealous that hardy is more "pumped" than you?
Will: I'll be the first to admit that Hardy is jacked, but I'm pretty pleased with my body. I'm not the best looking guy in the world, but I do OK.

funne: Will, have you ever thought about doing soap opera work when you get out?
will: I would LOVE to be in a soap opera! Is it so far fetched to imagine me as the "evil doctor" on a show?

Will-Town: Are you the Evil Doctor in real life?
Will: No, not at all. In real life I'm "Dr. Feelgood. On this show I have to be evil. Everyone can't be a nice guy, plus the good people have fallen by the wayside. Being evil has kept me alive this long and I hope it will do so for at least another week.

Sammy: Will you be friends with Nicole when this is over?
Will: I'd like to be. I think we have a lot in common. I know I've put her thought some very difficult times, but she's proven herself to be a strong woman. I truly appreciate that she is as manipulative and lies as much as I do, but that she has fooled all the evicted houseguests into thinking otherwise.

Halfmil4Will: Do you think you will pose for Playgirl?
Will: If the money is right I'll do anything, but it would take a lot of money for me to get in the buff. Additionally, I'd have to see how Shannon felt about it because she was uncomfortable then I wouldn't do it. To me one's view of nudity is very personal. It just so happens I have no personal problem with it.

Wilma9: Do you really hate Nicole and Hardy or was that just an act?
Will: I think Nicole and Hardy are responsible for the vast majority of evictions in this house including those of my friends Shannon, Mike and Krista. So I do hold them responsible for these crimes. I can however find redeeming qualities in both these people and feel that when the show is over we'll be on good terms.

Domino3: Besides yourself, who do you think has played the game the best?
Will: I think Nicole has done a phenomenal job of convincing the other houseguests that she is innocent. Her relationship with Hardy resulted in the eviction of every other houseguest, with the exception of Autumn. She is truly well-versed in the art of deception.

nosral and BBGeek: Why do you think you've lasted this long in the house, and are you planning any surprised before you leave BB house?
Will: I think I've been here this long for a combination of reasons. Luck certainly played a big part, and my strategy to lose competitions and appear weak has certainly helped. I am entertaining the possibility of one huge surprise during the final show.

Will: As much as I joke around in this house and as many evil things that I have done, I truly appreciate being here. I feel very fortunate and I just want to thank all of the fans who tune in every week. Without them the show wouldn't be possible. I realize that some of the current houseguests as well as the evicted complain a lot, but I have nothing to complain about. For me this has been an amazing experience and I try to enjoy every day that I'm here. Thank you to all the fans. Without you this wouldn't be possible.