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Big Brother 2 2001



The Early Show

The Early Show

After 82 days, Will, the doctor from Miami, came out of the Big Brother House a half million dollars richer. He was the only houseguest nominated for eviction three times. Yet, he received favorable votes from all but Autumn and Hardy, who voted for Nicole. Will and Nicole were able to void two votes, and they picked wisely: Nicole voided Shannon's vote for Will, and Will voided Bunky's vote for Nicole.

After Hardy was voted from the house, Will, Nicole and Monica were told about the terrorist attacks, and Monica found out her cousin was among the missing victims from the World Trade Center. The houseguests then competed for Head of Household. Nicole came out as the winner, and Monica was sent packing. To no surprise, Nicole thought she had a better chance to win, leaving Will in the house.

Throughout the game, Will came across as deceiving, arrogant and egotistical. His strategy was to lose every Head of Household competition, have fun, and lie as much as possible. At the end, it paid off. As to what he will do with the money, he said, he will spend it on gold chains for his friends, jet skis and other toys.

On another note, when the houseguests were invited back to cast their votes and talk about their lives outside of the house, Mike Boogie surprised us all by proposing marriage to Krista.

Hardy on The Early Show

Hardy has been a strong player from the start. Besides being smart, he was also skillful and lucky, winning the coveted "Head of Household" position three times.

"I had a wonderful run. I've got a lot to be proud of. And I just wish the contestants all the best," he said.

The "Head of Household" is crowned in a weekly competition and gets to choose the two people nominated for eviction. To help break an alliance, Hardy formed one. Hardy was not pleased with the faction known as "Chill Town," the houseguests who lived in a back bedroom, which was always "chilly." He teamed up with Nicole to help evict Chilltowners Shannon and Mike and he always nominated Chilltowner Will.

But he second-guessed himself and when he had the chance to evict Will, he voted for Bunky instead.

"Obviously in hindsight, I wouldn't have done that," said Hardy with praise for Bunky.

"Bunky is a phenomenal person and I really learned a lot about myself from him, and, you know, about being a better person, what have you. Tolerance, patience, thinking before acting and speaking, he's really shown me a lot as a human being, and he's taught me a lot. I really feel bad about voting him off," he said.

Hardy, from the very beginning, was considered a strong player. He was not just the muscular man with the tendency to take his shirt off and flex, but he showed a sensitive side, sometimes worried that living in the house was chnaging his personality.

"Being in circumstances and enduring the environment that I live within, certainly it did change me as a person, but, again, keeping in context the fact that I had to play the game and I was within an atmosphere that it was a game but in reality, it was life. And a little slice of life. You have to play what's best for you. And certainly I didn't anticipate doing things that I had to do to survive," said Hardy.

Bunky did mention that Hardy was going to regret his decision to evict him, but Hardy says from where he stood, he was going to be nominated anyway.

"From what I understand now, it was pretty much, half a dozen of one, six of the other. It was pretty much the same thing with either Will or with Bunky. They were both planning on nominating me or voting me out," explained Hardy.

So Hardy put his trust in Will and offered him a deal. Will clearly decided not to follow his end of the bargain.

"I promised Hardy and Nicole that I wouldn't nominate both," Will said on camera. "I clearly would nominate them both. Would stab them both in the back and leave them to bleed on the kitchen floor and I wouldn't even clean it up."

To that, Hardy said: "Well, I certainly believe that Will is playing up his character as Dr. Evil. And he's certainly doing what he's doing and saying what he is saying for the fame aspect of it. That's something he's clearly communicated to anyone in the household and anyone watching, as well. It doesn't surprise me."

In fact, Hardy appreciated Will's consistency in dealing with the houseguests.

"Although he's a liar and a snake in the grass, at least he's a consistent liar and snake in the grass. I can appreciate that. Unfortunately I believed in him and believed in the handshake. A deal is a deal. He shook my hand on many occasions. Unfortunately he didn't come through on his promise. So that's something I have to deal with individually," he said.

Though Hardy says he was not ready to leave the house, he said he was happy to experience freedom once again. So what's next for the "house-hunk," who adores his grandma?

"I really don't have any clear expectations. I'm certainly sensitive to all opportunities. And I'm certainly looking to turn the next page in the diary of my life. You never know what the future will hold."

Bunky on The Early Show

It was Bunky's first nomination; for Will, the other nominee, it was the third. Each one had one vote: Monica voted to evict Will, and Nicole voted to evict Bunky. As Head of Household, Hardy broke the tie.

"It wasn't meant to be," said Bunky, who spent the first night out of the house catching up with his partner, Greg.

"I feel very fortunate to have been selected as one of the 12 people to be in the Big Brother house. And I wasn't surprised that Hardy and Nicole evicted me. And that's fine," he said.

Bunky had been "under the radar," so to speak, showing his emotional and sensitive side quite often.

"I don't think being in a confined space made me cry more. I'm just not ashamed of my emotions, and so when I had to let it out, I let it out, and I didn't try to hold back. I mean, the person that you saw there is me. That's Bunky," he added.

He cried particularly when he was forced to evict his friend Krista. "I hated that part of the game. But sometimes you have to vote out your friends in order to stay in the game. And keep from getting nominated yourself. And that was a very, very painful to do," he said.

As for the tension he experienced living in the house and his expectations, he said living there was "pretty crazy."

"I went in the house thinking that everyone was going to try and get along, and I was just amazed at how many people would just explode and yell at other people and not even be considerate of other people. It just really amazed me. But that's the way it goes," he said.

But not all the tension was bad for Bunky. He said his experience was life-altering, since he tried new things and learned a lot about himself. Also, with the help of Will and Hardy, he was able to drop about 17 pounds.

In the last few weeks, Bunky came on as a very strong player, almost winning a Head of Household competition. He won $5,000 in a food competition that forced his fellow houseguests to eat nothing but peanut butter and jelly for four days, and he won two "luxury competitions."

As Head of Household, Hardy saw him as a threat and ended up choosing him over Will in a tie-break -- even after Hardy had vowed to bring the last member of "Chill Town" down, nominating Will for a third time.

Now that Bunky is out of the house, it is up to Monica, Nicole, and Will to battle for the Head of Household title.

"I'm thinking that if someone other than Nicole can win Head of Household, then Will and/or Monica, either one of them, I think would nominate Hardy and Nicole and break up the bully and the bitch," said Bunky, who just wishes his friend Monica to win.

Krista on The Early Show

August 16 was eviction day for Krista at the Big Brother House. After 47 days, Bunky, Hardy and Will confessed live in the diary room that they had to vote Krista out to be in the game. Nicole as head of household had made it clear.

"Bottom line is, two people are a power," she said, noting Krista 's and Monica's bond was too strong and it needed to be broken in order for any of them to succeed at the game.

"I was put on the spot at that moment to turn against my best friend in the house, which is Monica Bailey, and she has been the best friend that I've encountered in a very long time," said Krista. "And I could not do it. So basically, that's why I was up for nomination."

When asked if the game was what she expected, Krista said: "I went through a lot of mental trials in my life, but this has definitely taken the cake. I would never, ever put myself in that position again."

A native of Opelousas, La., Krista talked about loyalty and expressed her desire to stay in the game. She had reminded Will about the promise he had made to former Chill Town member Mike Boogie to help her stay in the game. But she could not count even on his vote.

"You have to lose a piece of yourself to win that money. And at that point in the game, I was no longer willing to do that. I wasn't raised that way. And I didn't expect it to go down that way. And I stand up for my friends," Krista said.

Early on in the game, Krista was the center of controversy. She was a bit drunk getting "friendly" with Justin, who was also reportedly a bit drunk. While they were kissing, Justin picked up a sweeper and said, "How would you feel if I bashed your head in." She took it as a joke. He then got a large kitchen knife, held it to her throat, kissed her, and said, "How would you feel if I killed you?"

"When Julie asked me about this, I had no recollection of what she was talking about because we were basically joking around,"Krista said of the incident. "They blew that completely out of proportion. Justin is just a fun guy. I really don't have the memory of the knife. Maybe my eyes were closed at the time, but I never viewed him as a threat. So it wasn't part of my strategy. I just didn't remember it. It shocked me to see that, that it had something to do with me," said Krista.

"I really didn't take it serious. If you know Justin and if you've lived with him, then you know completely, he's off the hook. He's nuts. He's funny," she added.

Krista admitted she was bothered by what her 11 year-old daughter, Laken, might have seen on Big Brother.

"But I didn't lie to anyone," she said. "I didn't deceive anyone. And I hope, you know, I don't ever want her to do that and think that money's more important than friendship or loyalty or education. Because money means nothing to me and I've instilled that in her to go for goals and work for them. So I think Laken knows how much I love her. She is my life; without Laken, I have no life. Everything I've done up into this point in my life has been for her. She is the most wonderful child in the world."

Krista also developed a strong friendship with Mike Boogie, with whom she was paired up for eviction before. During the final week Mike was in the house, they cuddled in the same bed. Krista cried when he was evicted from the show.

Since Krista had mentioned she missed Mike greatly and was looking forward to seeing him again, Big Brother invited Mike back to welcome her to the real world. He greeted her with flowers.

"My brother walked in, and I needed him so bad," she said. "And then Boogie walked in with roses and I needed him almost as bad because he just came out of the same situation I was in. It was the best feeling that I felt in 40... I don't even know how many days, I haven't had a calendar, how many days I was in there. But I'm definitely very happy to be out. And I love my friends and family."

Kent on The Early Show

Kent has had real "ups and downs" in the Big Brother house. He started the game on a "good news/bad news" note, winning a "first day" competition for a mini-van, but aleniating colleagues and viewers by beating a financially disadvantaged, single mother in the process.

"It made things pretty difficult because, she is an unwed mother. And I did have several houseguests tell me that wasn't really good to do that. And that the women were kind of gunning for me. And I kind of came out of the car as the guy that had the crosshairs on his chest. And yeah, right out of the box, it was difficult stay in the house," Kent said.

He later started to win the respect of other houseguests, and always touted himself as the most honest and straightforward of the group. He came in as an almost-proud bigot, decrying gays whom, he said, 90 percent of the nation dislikes. He made fun of the fact that they label homosexuality as an "alternative lifestyle." Then, surprising everyone, he became best friends with the house's only gay resident, Bunky, whom Kent saw as honest and gentle and caring, a genuinely good guy.

"I said from the day that I came into the house that I have a certain feeling about homosexuality, and it didn't change. But, I also believe that Bunky and any other gay person has a right to enjoy their sexual lifestyle any way they care to. That's not any of my business. But what is my business is whether or not I want to engage in that lifestyle and I don't want to," Kent added.

When Kent won a "Head of Household" competition, which gave him a private room and the ability to nominate two people for eviction, some say the power went to his head.

"No, not really, "he said. "The head-of-the-household competition, for me, was nothing more than a validation of a group of folks that we had together that were voting a certain way, " explained Kent. "We had a group of about four or five people that were trying to, I guess, make a statement to another group in the house that we didn't appreciate some of the hurtful things that they were doing. So when I was head of the household, I went to that group and said whom do you want me to nominate? Whom do you want me to throw out of the house? "

Shortly thereafter, Kent ran out of cigarettes, and as a two-pack-a-day man, he decided to use the opportunity to quit. Big Brother gave him "the patch," but he was still understandably cranky and out-of-sorts the last couple of weeks.

He had a major blow-up with Hardy on Tuesday night's show, a screaming match in which he accused Hardy, generally seen as a great guy, of being the most manipulative person in the house.

"You know, I really thought that Hardy was a real good friend. And I guess I was a little disappointed that I found out that he was saying some things about me to other houseguests and he was lying to me. But it's a game. And it's a difficult game. And I'm happy to be back with my family and out of the house." said Kent.

Early on, Kent also had a run-in with Justin, who became almost violent with Kent. They had an argument over pillows that led to a "warning" to Justin from Big Brother about his unacceptable behavior. Justin went even further later, playfully putting a knife to Krista's throat in a strange form of sexual foreplay. That incident got Justin kicked out of the house by Big Brother producers.

Kent is the sixth person to leave the Big Brother 2 house.

When asked how he would describe his time there, he said: "The phrase root canal comes to mind."

"I didn't think that there would be that many people in the house that were, shall we say, that competitive in terms of doing whatever they had to do for the money. It was a difficult place to stay," He added.

Mike on The Early Show

The bar owner from L.A., known as Mike Boogie or M Boogie, says he had one thing in mind and that was to have as much fun as possible in the house.

"I went on the show to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience, have some fun, party. And that's how Chill Town started. That's how I got friends with Will and Shannon and, you know, it is just turned into something that I wasn't really proud to be a part of. And it just got nasty," he says.

Together with Will, who is still in the house, and Shannon, who got the boot last week, Mike was part of the "Chill Town" alliance. They considered themselves the elite "in" crowd, smarter and better than The Other People. ("Chill Town" got its name because they all slept in a bedroom that was always too cold. "The Other People" ended-up using those initials to call themselves "TOP.")

Comparing himself with other houseguests, he said he was in the Big Brother house to enhance the show.

"I wasn't in there because I have a good body, or because I'm a pretty face," he says, agreeing he was picked because he is nice and funny and has "an outgoing personality. I felt I had intangibles that helped enhance the show," he says.

In a conversation with Will in the house, he cast himself as one of the "stars" in the house, being upstaged and beaten by the "extras."

"You can't articulate or put into words what it is like to live in that house. I went in there to have a good time and have some fun...that's not what Kent is there for. That's not what Monica is there for. That's not what Nicole is there for. They want to sit around and smoke cigarettes and play cards. That's not why I gave up my life and went in there and subjected myself to all that goes on," he says.

It was Kent who nominated Mike, a move Mike considered a betrayal since Mike had saved Kent in the first round by not nominating him, even though the women in the house were angry with Kent. That's because the first night, Kent beat Autumn in competition for a car that many believe she needed more than he did.

"Kent and I got off to a bad start. He is just an untrustworthy individual that I definitely had problems with along the way. And he's shown his true colors and I think you'll be seeing him real soon," Mike says.

Boogie's problems began early on. As the first "Head of Household," it was his job to nominate the first two people up for eviction. He chose the outspoken Nicole and the well-liked Sheryl. He thought everyone would vote to oust Nicole, but his plan backfired. She rallied support in the house, and the others saw Sheryl as more of a threat down the road for the half-million prize, so Nicole stayed and Sheryl was "out."

The "Chill Towners" have been losing strength ever since. Mike was up against Krista, who played the middle ground between Chill Town and TOP. Will tried to rally support for Mike in the final days, but was unsuccessful. Interestingly, Mike had been pursuing Krista and even convinced her to share the same bed.

"Krista and I got very close in the last week. And it just made it really hard in the house that Kent nominated us both. We were starting to have a little relationship and getting close."

As for his plans to continue the relationship, he says:

"We'll see what happens. I still got some tapes I need to watch. I'm not sure. I saw it last night. There were some things that surprised me there. So, you know, we'll see. She's got a daughter back in Louisiana. She's got a life there. I have my life in Los Angeles. I'm sure we'll get together as soon as she gets out."

What surprised him was Krista's secret alliance.

"I recently just found out about her untouchable alliance with Hardy and Monica, which I didn't understand, I didn't see that at all. Monica is someone in the house who plays her cards very close to her vest. And apparently they had a little side thing going," he says.

As for his predictions of who is going to win the game, Mike says: "I think it is going to be Nicole or Krista. And I'll go with my heart and hope my girl Krista pulls it off."

The house "white rapper," as he was also known, spent the first night out of the house with his family who came from Concord, N.H., and not at "Belly," his bar.

"I figured I would wait a night. We're having a big party there tonight. I'm sure we'll see a lot of friends but I needed a break. I needed to deprogram after my parole," he says.

Mike is the fifth person to leave the Big Brother 2 house, after the expulsion of Shannon, Autumn, Justin and Sheryl.

Shannon on The Early Show:

From the start, Shannon was loud, opinionated, sexy, athletic, petty, childish, teasing, confused, emotional, strong, statuesque, appealing and off-putting all at once.

Once she found out that Hardy, as the head of the house, had nominated her for eviction, she used his toothbrush to clean the toilet. For her, it was payback time.

She blamed her actions on boredom: "Well, with nothing to do in the house, boredom overtakes you. You sit up thinking about stupid little things that you did as a child," she said. "I apologized for it. It was funny, but it was something I would have done like 10 years ago, not today, but, like I said, boredom overtakes you. And you do goofy things."

Hardy made no secret he wanted Shannon out and during his reign as head of household, he called houseguests into his private room to make sure he would be the one to kick her out. Of the nine guests who remained, only six could cast their votes. Will and Shannon were excluded and Hardy could only vote in case of a tie.

Shannon on the other hand, wanted control of the situation and asked everyone to kick her out. So it was no surprise to her when host Julie Chen announced a 6-0 vote.

"You never want to leave, but as long as you can choose your own terms, it is the way to go," she said.

It was the conclusion of a week of revenge, dissention and even introspection. Cameras showed Shannon expressing her realization of how much fellow housemates hated her, calling herself "a moron, a self-centered egotistical complete psycho," she said. "And it is just I guess, hard to find that out on national television, especially when you don't know. I guess I just found out that I'm all those things."

But when asked on The Early Show if she still believed that about herself she said:

"No, I don't. But when you're in a house with a bunch of people who want to see you one way and they tell you those things, you have to step outside the box and wonder if they're really true or not."

Now that she is out of the house, Shannon will have to cool off her rather intense on-camera romance with the 28-year old doctor from Florida.

"Will and I had a good time in the house. It was an opportunity to meet someone and get to know them on a personal level. And you don't get to do that outside in the real world, you could say," said Shannon adding, "I would like to see something come of it, but we'll see what happens when Will comes out of the house."

She will also have to deal with Jim, the man with whom she had a 16-month relationship before she entered the house.

"I haven't had an opportunity to talk to Jim since I got out of the house," she said. "We had a long discussion before I left to go into 'Big Brother.' And I'm still thinking about that."

Shannon is the fourth person to leave the Big Brother 2 house, after the expulsion of Autumn, Justin and Sheryl.

Autumn on The Early Show:

As head of the household, Krista made no secret that Autumn needed to go. In the end, even her friends agreed she was better off being out of the house and back with her son, Justus.

"We had discussed it a couple of times about me not being productive in the house and me kind of turning into a bitter person. And I have to come back to my real life and be a mother and so, in some ways, I do feel like it was helpful," said Autumn about her friends' decision to evict her.

Autumn signed up to play the game because she wanted win the money to provide a better life for her son.

"I hope he looks at it and knows that his mom would have walked through fire for him, because that's basically what I was trying to do. I was in a firestorm, and I tried to walk through it to make it better. So I hope he'll appreciate it and love me," she said.

Autumn had billed herself as someone who would create sexual tension in the house, but soon revealed herself as more modest, and even insecure. She felt overweight next to the athlete Shannon, with whom she often got into shouting matches, one of which was about getting a vote.

"There was a plot against me to try and get my vote that I didn't appreciate. And I played it up to expose this plot, which actually worked in my favor. And Miss Shannon thought that she would take it upon herself to tell me how I should feel, how I should act and how I should react to that situation. It was a really bad game of cover your butt, and it didn't work out at all," Autumn said.

Before she exited the house, Autumn expressed that being warm and compassionate was a liability for her. As soon as she heard the news of the eviction, she made known to the houseguests she wanted to walk alone with no goodbyes.

"I just wanted to leave the way I went in, independent, with my head held high. I said goodbye to everyone beforehand. If people stabbed me in the back before, I didn't want them pretending to like me now," she said. "I knew I'd be kicked out. I didn't try to rally votes for myself. I don't feel animosity to anyone."

Autumn is the third person to leave the Big Brother 2 house, after the expulsion of New Jersey Thug Justin by the show's producers, and after Sheryl, the nice mother and housewife, was voted-out by her fellow housemates.

Sheryl on The Early Show:

I really wasn't surprised at all. I was truly expecting it. I thought there might be a little bit of a twist in it, but, all in all, I really had expected it to happen," said Sheryl.
Along with Nicole, Sheryl was nominated by Mike to be banished from the house. Mike, as head of the household, had a plan to pit Sheryl against Nicole, thinking houseguests would go for Nicole since Sheryl was so well liked by everybody. But it all went wrong.
"What ended up happening was a little twist in there, where everybody started pitting against each other. And it was chill town versus hot box," said Sheryl, explaining that one of the bedrooms was really hot and the other was always freezing.
She happened to be in the cold room and so she was associated with "chill town." Nevertheless, there is nothing chilly about Sheryl; Will from Miami described her as very hot.
"Sherry is your smoking mom. She's just hot. Every way you look at her, she's sexy. I can't think of any fault in her as a hot mom. She's just smoking," he said.
Though she said she doesn't consider herself a hot mama, Sheryl was flattered by the comment.

Sheryl is the second person to leave the big brother house.

Justin Evicted

The 26-year-old bartender from New Jersey was kicked out of the house today after he put a knife to the throat of another Krista.
It happened last night after a night of drinking. Justin and Krista were in the kitchen talking and kissing. All of a sudden, Justin reached into a drawer, pulled out a long knife and held it to Krista's throat.
Justin said "Wait, hang on, I'm going to slash your throat. Would you get mad if I killed you?"
Krista replied by saying, "No, do it. But I want some water."
Producers immediately called him to the Diary Room and called the show's psychologist. Justin talked with the psychologist for three hours, then was made to leave the house.
Several houseguests told Big Brother producers that they would walk out if Justin was not made to leave the house, saying they were unsafe and intimidating conditions.
Justin is currently staying at a nearby hotel and will appear on tomorrow's show to discuss the incident with Julie Chen.
CBS has yet to decide whether or not to air the incident.

Here is a run-down of the night's events
12:39am Justin is in the bedroom rubbing Krista's feet. They both stand up and start kissing. Justin drops the towel he was wearing. Krista looks down and smiles. Big Brother interrupts and tells them to put on their mics. As they go to get their mics, their fooling around continues near the bathroom. Shannon comes over and Krista sandwiches Justin between the two girls. Shannon grabs Krista's hand on puts it on her breast. Bunky, who is watching, asks Shannon is she is gay. Shannon says she isn't, but appreciates a woman's nice body. With Bunky and Shannon there, Krista starts licking Justin's belly button, then gives him oral. The cameras cut to black.
Later on, we see Krista and Justin in the kitchen. He says she has been leading him on all week. Krista isn't paying attention, but is talking to a friend who is watching the live feed. Justin pretends to hit Krista. She then mentions the oral sex. Justin suddenly picked up a knife and asked Krista if she would be mad if he killed her. She laughed and said go ahead and do it. Justin pushes Krista's head down and forces her to give him more oral. Camera cut to black.
It is now Wednesday morning.
Sheryl removes Justin's picture from the wall and removes his key from the hook.
Sheryl: "He's not in there. He was in the Diary Room."
Krista: "He came out and they were all laughing."
Sheryl: "Laughing in the storage room"
Krista: I was asking them in the Dairy Room and they said someone is coming in and they're going to talk to us about it. This place has gotten to be too crazy for me."
Krista: "I want to go home! I want to go home!"
Sheryl: "I may be the first to go, but I am extremely fine with that."
Nicole says that she doesn't think they should have to vote since a houseguest is gone.
Hardy: "How could they not see this coming? How did he pass the psych test?"